High success rate

Our product is stable and has stood the test of time. We are offering users a means to manage bulk SMS sent to contacts and empowering them to do much more than just sending messages.

Awesome Features

SMS Centers offers a range of features to our users. These features are listed below:

Enterprise Messaging

Send bulk messages to advertise a product, campaign, event or promote a cause to any country in the world. Delivery is guaranteed using our seamless application built for you.

Enterprise Robocall Service

Tell a story in your own voice about that project or campaign. Broadcast one loud recorded message to multiple numbers using one-click. It's easy, reliable, simple and definitely effective.

Text Merge

Send mass customised messages to contacts. We offer you the ability to do so. You can upload customised templates into the system and this will be used to send out messages to your contacts.

Low balance reminder (in progress)

Never run out of the means to reach your audience. We will notify you once you are below your set limit within our system so you can top-up and leave communication channel between yourself and your audience open.

Scheduled text messages for later delivery

No one says you have to send that text message right away. Some messages are meant to be sent at a later time - like a thank you message after an event. We will empower you to do so.


Users are able to view the statuses of all messages sent and can view past messages sent to contacts. There is an admin console that empowers users to view detailed report on SMS sent.

Sample Applications:
1. Schedule a 'Thank you' message to all that attend your event even before the event date so you don’t forget.
2. Notify members of customised groups/department of an activity or set a reminder notification of tasks to be completed
and much more …

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Pricing Table

See below our price structure. This gives an idea of the pricing structure. Please note that this is subject to change without any prior notifications. Please endeavour to check the pricing section while logged into your account.
These prices are for our premium routes to ensure one-time delivery.

  • CTRY ---
  • Nigeria
  • Nigeria
  • Nigeria
  • Nigeria
  • Rate 1 ---
  • ₦2.20
  • ₦1.85
  • ₦1.95
  • ₦1.95
  • Rate 2 ---
  • ₦0.30/s
  • ₦0.30/s
  • ₦0.30/s
  • ₦0.30/s

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